• Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

  • Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation uses ultrasound to melt the fat which is then flushed out by the body's metabolic processes. The emptied cells remain in the body.

    This procedure is sometimes used to soften particularly firm, dense deposits before doing fat freezing treatments.

  • How does fat cavitation work?

    The ultrasound transducer glides over the lubricated fatty area, feeling like a very gentle massage. The ultrasound delivers a concentrated low frequency ultrasonic beam which liquefies the local fat deposit.

    The ultrasound selectively disrupts fragile fat cell membranes through thousands of microscopic implosions, thus increasing its permeability. This does not affect the surrounding tissues. It is completely painless and free of harm.

    The excreted triglyceride content from disrupted fat cells releases into the surrounding tissues and then enters the metabolic pathways to be processed into glycerol and free fatty acids used for energy production. These then enter the lymphatic system and are processed like any dietary fats.

  • Are the benefits permanent?

    The fat cells are emptied, not destroyed so they have the opportunity to refill over time, reducing the effects of the treatment and necessitating top-up treatment. The frequency of top-ups varies from person to person depending on lifestyle.