• Freeze That Fat Away for Good

    ...with the non-invasive Ice Lipo (fat freezing) treatment

  • Here at Ice Lipo NZ, we specialize in the treatment of those stubborn fat bulges that dieting and exercise simply won't shift to produce subtle, natural-looking results.

    The Ice Lipo treatment is non-invasive, requires no recovery time and the effects are permanent. It is designed to give people of both genders great results without surgery.

    It is fast, effective and can even be done during your lunchtime
    – an easy step to Body Confidence

    No Surgery  |  No Pain  |  No Recovery Time  |  Safe  |  Effective  |  Fast

  • Our Technology Targets the Stubborn Fat Deposits in 3 Ways:

  • 1. Cryolipolysis

    Sample Results For Fat Freezing Shared By Ice Lipo New Zealand

    More commonly referred to as "fat freezing" – uses controlled cooling to freeze the targeted fat cells. Over time these frozen cells are flushed out by the body's normal metabolic processes.

    Surrounding tissues are left unharmed. Once these fat cells are gone they will not reappear.

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  • 2. Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

    Fat Cavitation Treatment Results By Ice Lipo New Zealand

    Uses ultrasound to melt the fat which is then flushed out by the body’s metabolic processes; the emptied cells remain in the body.

    Sometimes used to soften particularly firm, dense deposits before freezing.

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  • 3. Skin Tightening

    Sample Results For Skin Tightening Shared By Ice Lipo New Zealand

    Using the latest technology, ageing and sagging skin can now be encouraged to tighten and show a smoother more youthful appearance.

    Collagen and elastin is non-invasively and non-surgically reminded how to become tighter. Skin tightening is perfect for post-weight loss and pregnancy or for those always battling with cellulite.

    Both men and women enjoy the results of these treatments.

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  • Typical Target Areas:

    Typical Target Areas For Fat Reduction Treatments Provided By Ice Lipo New Zealand
    Abdomen – upper
    Abdomen – lower
    Arms – upper
    Back – bra strap area
    Buttocks – saddlebags
    Buttocks – banana rolls
    Flanks – love handles
    Hips - muffin tops
    Man Boobs
    Thighs – inner
    Thighs – outer


  • If you can squeeze it,
    we can freeze it!

  • What People Are Saying

  • Firstly I am not an overweight person and keep in good fitness, I have been through menopause and no matter what I did I could not get rid of the excess fat /cellulite around my stomach and thighs and lower back. Also my skin was losing its elasticity which really upset me.

    I heard about Ice Lipo and decided to talk to Heidi and give it a go. The results were apparent almost immediately and I reduced 5 kilos (with sensible diet control, except for my Chardonnay:-) over a period of 6 weeks.

    Heidi worked on me with Cavitation and RF treatment and my skin became smooth and eliminated the lumps and bumps. I have never seen such a transformation which was also noticed by my family and friends.

    I am more confident with my body and even wore my bikini this summer because my tummy was presentable. I highly recommend Heidi and her magic machine.

    Jeannie M.

  • I am in the fitness industry and take pride in my physique.

    Over the last couple of years it has proved to be more difficult to stay as lean around my middle as I would like.

    It was suggested that an Ice Lipo treatment would help.

    And after only one treatment I am back to ‘normal’. Awesome result!
    Thanks Ice Lipo.

    G.G. (male)

  • I go to the gym 5 days a week but never managed to shift the excess weight around my middle.

    That ‘spare tyre’ lots of us guys struggle with.

    I’ve had 3 fat freezing sessions around my middle and can see a definite difference after about 3 months.

    Another couple of sessions and the rest will be gone I’m sure.

    Anonymous (male)

  • Your Body is Unique and Requires a Bespoke Plan

  • If you can't burn it off,
    Freeze It Off!