• Business Opportunities

  • Bring Fat Zapping Into Your Beauty Business

    Become an ICE LIPO operator and watch your beauty business grow while your clients delight in their new shape.

    We provide the training and the technology - Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing machine and/or HIFU machine.

    Since not all salons are the same, we can tailor-make a plan to suit your individual circumstances.
    The machine/s, new or used, can be delivered to your door on a lease or sale basis.

    You can be happy in the knowledge you will receive full training and support.

  • The benefits of being an ICE LIPO NZ operator are:

    • Full training
    • Support
    • Client documentation
    • Referrals via website
    • Advice on the job
    • Technical support and advice
    • Equipment repairs.

    Contact us for further information and to discuss how we can move your business forward.

    Terms and conditions apply.